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Bot ? Telsiai Telsiai Telsiai

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : {CoconutMilk} {KaizerG} {Lecov} {shoo}

  • Location : Ashaq Underground Prison Containmen

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 02:00

  • Evidence think player bot?





I see them almost all the time doing bot/macro things because I usually do a 30minute run before I sleep.
Always after 12 IGT.
Every channel always has one.
I usually just join the one with Kaizer because he’s the most slow and least intrusive one lmao.

Now can use bot macro ?

Everytime I see these guys. I just follow them to pick up their bounty hunt XD

Everynight when I start to farm, I’ve also seen some nick beside them doing macros. And yeah, most all of them are from GrapeSoda & Megalomaniac.

But actually I don’t really care about someone doing macro or not because the game already dying, and when IMC do his authority to banned them, absolutely this game will lose their active player too.

Note that these 4 bots are now 1% of the whole ToS playerbase. This is really frightening…

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I’m more miffed that us (the non-botters) will find it hard when we do have time/decide to farm the bounty forms. Because it’s hard to compete when there’s a character zipping or teleporting around or simply not stopping for hours on end. Limited channels, and only ONE effective map to farm those things.

Add the abysmal droprate of the Superiors; The cross trekking required to complete it, and that bastard merchant who sometimes just steals ■■■■. Is prolly one of the reasons players are put off doing this. And leave.

Anyways; I don’t see this botting/macroing getting fixed anytime soon or ever.
IMC the indie company just doesn’t have the resource for it.

But hey, it’s only 1% of the playerbase, who cares right?

who is this Kimi- i never seen him play tos
alt id ??? please use real id, so GM can see you are seriously want this to be proceed

Hello @halloween,

We will investigate the reported players as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting.

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Weird when only those 2 big guilds got reported when there were other botters from a certain guild in the other channels :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Why were only 2 guilds reported? I hear the 3rd one do some really shady stuff. I bet it’s more severe than botting.

i made memes for memes ok just feel like its funny doesnt mean i agree to botting period

You mean “that” guild whos doing that permanent res sacre bug abuse in blockade raid to get those ridiculous and impossible 1min boruta/giltine clears???
nahhh i didnt see them botting in ashaq…or maybe i didnt catch them :smiley:

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To be fair, that certain guild is where the server’s best PVe people reside. So yeah, it would be a bit unrealistic to see a 3 minute clear from them. If you’ve seen what an actual 3 minute run looks like, you’d understand.