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Bot reporting solved

  • Server : SIlute

  • Team Name : n3o

  • Location : Argentina

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : BRT 5:26

I dont know if anyone knows the digimon mmo game, but they solved the bot problem with an item that you can cast something like a buff in the char that you think maybe is a bot, and the buffed player get a dialogue box asking some question like: how much is 3 +2 and 3 options, if answer is wrong the player get disconnected and if he ask wrong 3 times get ban 24hs and more time when repeat.
they can buy this item for free on ncp and really help the bot issue in the server, i think that can be implemented here.
i love the game, ty for your time ^_^v


@STAFF_Yuri sounds good idea here

they can buy this item for free on npc

since this is IMC, maybe we can get this bot-trial item inside gacha, as a fragment, collect 10 fragment to produce 1 recipe, which require another gacha item as material

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or they could do an event where ausrine sent us to a quest that are looking for some suspicious people without soul grinding materials in the tree of savior world to carry out an evil plan xD

These bots can teleport away when a player is near. How do you expect this item to work.

Pretty cool but, i think a game developer wont copy another game company’s idea to solve their problem. We will hope forward.

at least on the bright side, we can get rid of ‘Macro Script’ bots :haha:

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