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Bot Report - Telsial Solitary Cells CH 2



Hello @qwerty

Thank you for your report and providing the screenshot. I’ll be checking on the reported player. Thank you!


I believe, the person has been reported due to botting already in the past and here is the link (even though the screenshot was already gone) [Sv.Telsiai]- BOT - Solitary Cells.

Is it possible for botters to be permanently banned ?.


Maybe we can ask straight to GM why I am still here? Maybe because they didn’t even send a warning first or ban me is because I AM REALLY NOT USING BOT as far as I am concerned?

And please dont make it sound like the GMs aren’t doing their jobs. BECAUSE THEY DO. It’s unfair for them.

P.S.: I know the one who reported me grudge me and doing all the black propaganda to bring me down, but sorry, I found home in ToS already long ago and there is nothing you can stop me :slight_smile:


Propaganda ? Maybe you need to look up its definition and if you’re so confident in yourself, why run ? Even if it’s not possible for the gm to ban you, intention is still the same though :smile: I got you out of your hiding and made them know who you truly are. A reminder, why run ?


Aint running. Last time I checked, I wasn’t the one who got reprimanded in the guild. LOL nice try btw


You too, keep it up :rofl: You sounded like a criminal in denial of his situation. What you said sounded contradictory though, if you can still stay there, a person like you would do that in a heartbeat. Edit your comment is basically this “ I’m not wrong, you are “ you even have the face to see the crowds ?


“This thread is closed”

This is sooner than expected. I never thought Tree of Savior forums welcomes copy-paste BS from the internet. Oh well see ya. Mods incoming in 3…2…1 <3


Better be that way, but pardon me, I simply do not understnad what are you trying to say


It’s ok, only people with brains can comprehend with me. Too bad for you lol

Please dont make TOS forum dirty with your daddy issues. If you are g@y, just tell him. Maybe he can accept you…with a straight punch I guess?


So LOL spams and some random stuff, I see. How about thia, lets stop polluting ToS, shall we ? Isn’t it your home ?


The nerve, obviously you are the one doing it now. Funny homo. Okay we’ll wait for your next copy-paste psycho thingy so we would see you as a genius (but obviously the effect is otherwise. LOOOOOOOL)

Please be g@y somewhere else, please?


I’m drinking tea while waiting for you to say something comprehensible


Yaaaaas drama queen. Good for you!

Good riddance <3


This drama is nothing compared to Asriel/Umineko’s cleric BS in ktos thread or ThePurpleKnightmare’s autism in subreddit discord :put_litter_in_its_place: