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[BOT REPORT] Telsiai - Baubas Cave CH 1/2

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : STROBERI

  • Location : BAUBAS CAVE CH1/2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 18/05/2020 - 19/05/2020

  • Evidence
    Proof 1 DETAILED

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@GM_Francis Please respond, it’s been 21hours, thanks.

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80-90 % of player in buabas cave is bot and your report cant do anything :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Thank you, now i understand the reason why my report ignored, thanks.

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yeah dont report most players are bot,. i wouldnt be shock if thrs only 300 below real players in this server.

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Hello @richkravhh

We have already applied a proper sanction to the reported player. Thank you.

Don’t BS us, the character is still roaming around using Macro in Baubas. Why not do something about it instead of just replying the same automated messages or does IMC not have the power to deal with these macro botters?

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@richkravhh, your reported bot is still roaming around. Just checked it today, same with GEDHANG and CRISPY_RENDANG which are all probably the same player. Honestly thinking if this player is protected from IMC.

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Please be wise in banning bot, we are the user feel bothered with bot users, and the game enviromental feel boring with the appearing of BOT user, we already feel it.

@STAFF_William, please ban bots, help us.
RIP TOS, i love TOS so much.

5 of my friends just quit because of the frustration from bots. 3 of them were returning players and 2 were new to the game. I’ll give IMC another week’s worth of attention, after that, if this bot still exists, I’m done with this game.

@GM_Francis, @STAFF_William Any actions that is going to be taken for botters? or is botting legal in ToS?


i reported 1 month ago and you say ‘‘We have already applied a proper sanction to the reported player’’
why they still alive ?

Maybe we need to give it all on GM’s decision, since the bots are so many.

to everyone

I’m just got bad news. I’m found something VERY VERY SCARY. now there are other new OP BOT. it able to teleport without squire camp and it can AOE Attack all monster in map instant. that why some map there are no monster in map spawn anymore because it’ has been killed by light speed these new bot very smart it teleport every found people on screen but if no people on screen it will kill with super large AOE. that why you see monster some map too very low population or some zone are long empty

example New OP BOT ruining this game no walk no run only Teleport all around map with Super AOE Attack

BOTS everywhere in Baubas & Parias Forest, I have done several in-game reports but they are still there.