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Bot report - silute 2018-11-29

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Blessthefall

  • Location : Natarch Watch

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 2018-11-29 11:13 PM (In Game)

Hi guys. My friend and I noticed that for the last three days a guild member was in the same place and did not respond.
We went to the site and found that he was using some kind of bot.

Here’s a video:

in this second video it’s gets more clear… and he’s off the guild:

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri



Do something imc.


That was my last try to report players. They never give a feedback… and the bot still there.

If they don’t bother, why should i?


He’s helped me yesterday in this map.