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BOT Report [SEA] Telsiai - Baubas Cave CH 1/2

Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Irosatah
Link to video(s), below
Proof 1
Proof 2
Proof 3

Hello @richkravhh,

We will look into this player’s activity. Thank you for reporting.

Hello, thanks for your reply. I would glad to wait for futher action, thank you Francis!

Please let me know if you’re already take a look into this player’s activity. He is still farming on and on with bot script, and there’s a bunch of people using bot inside this map, please do a check, i feel disturbed…

Irosatah is still roaming around with out action, @STAFF_William, please help us, community need the best playing enviromental without bots, atleast you can take action while we are reporting.