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[bot] report SEA sigita

  i saw him just run around a same pattern , use skill on a empty ground even when i just cleared a mob monster before him, skill a same pattern , and back to city and run not like a player pattern to walk/run around 

  when he's in klapeda city's was like    run to BS Zaras > go Storage > go warp with his sub-char warp shop as a same pattern  , please check it 
  • Server : new sea sigita

  • Team Name :

-Vendetta [mainbot]
-Camper [sup-bot]
-LordOfMayhem [Camp]
-Baduya [Camp]
-GreyScale [Camp]

  • Location : Baubas Cave CH.2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 3 March - 4 March [2 days i was saw him on same pattern]

  • Evidence

Hi @WulfricZ,

We will look into these players activity as soon as possible. Thank you.

no you didnt

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this bot family still farming on scripts 24/7. aoe on empty room run around again aoe warp to another room repeat. I hope you guys will ban all connected accounts of this cancer botter which ruins the game fun for all of us.

People have lots of time in farming because of quarantine