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BoT+Hack Jumper

  • Server : [SEA] Telsiai

  • Team Name : RoiZerO_

  • Location : Thailand

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 03/07/2020 08.30 pm Map Out Wall District 14 Ch.1 2 3

Fabron Fabron / Damok Edan / Farman Famar

I have tried to deal more than many times but still exist.


Hello, @chalami9nu

We will investigate these players as soon as possible. Thank you.

More evidence for Fabron. Please see YouTube video link. No wonder the bots are level 450. Is your GM team even doing something about this?

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nothing, of course! however if it involves TP they may move faster than the Flash.

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he use fly wing

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I reckon these are automated bot responses. Check out the bot reports page and see how many have reported (included myself). The game is literally infested with bots it is saddening.


@GM_Francis lmao so even WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE posted you lot still can’t act on this matter? This is hilarious tbh

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Can we have an update for this? Don’t be afraid to tell us if you haven’t done anything yet. :slight_smile: Hunting bots is hard work.


Mods are completely incompetent in their jobs. It really is IMC’s fault overall. Remember that they won’t even claim they have bots. They call them “24-hour hardcore.”

IMC is killing their own game. :kr: