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Boss reflect buff and elite matk barrier

am i the only think that boss reflect buff formula is nuts?
especially against DoT/multi hit style classes
and theres no such good sign when boss do it(well abom is obvious but the rest is just unclear)
it could be better with some good sign like medzio diena, because its even more deadly than medzio diena, skia curse, misrus fart or boruta strongest hit…
(actually for me its better if all boss spit his spell, even the slightest 1 sec can save you)
also the duration is bonkers
its long enough to kill dots type classes that rely on damage debuff on bosses especially poison type attack

about matk barrier buff
some elite mobs in cm or bernice are having this
is it really just matk or theres also patk version?
i really never really identify this but if theres only matk barrier exist its so crazy unfair

I think it’s more like a “bolt” barrier. Or “deflection” shield. If you use AoE skills they will go through.

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