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Boss Defeat Slow Mo effect

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6:45 PM PST Today
Server Name:
Klaipeda NA
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Bug Description :
After defeating a boss, the slow mo effect is buggy. And it makes it extremely slow to the point in pause in the screen with no animations or whatever. I get bombarded by adds and murdered from monsters i normally would never. if there is multiple boss spawns after each boss kill. Youre pretty much screwed because the slow mo effect will cause an immediate lag/exaggeratedly slow to the point that its like 1 frame or less per second.

I lost 2 multiplier tokens, wasted a 4x Tome. Multiple Fortune Cookies. It happens only after killing bosses due to the slowmo effect. ANd i had it in CMs, Dungeons and Missions.

what scenario is this? In Siauliai Mission?

It happens from time to time when my memory use is high when my tos is logged for a long time without restarting the game, normally restarting the game every 2 hours solve this problem for me

crystal mines mission

Why are you using multi token and exp tome on crystal mines?

I experience exactly the same.

because its really good exp.