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Boruta Wings huge fps drops

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : anytime

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Passidur

Character Name: Danlcul

Bug Description :
After 10-15 minutes in a map my fps drops to 60+ to 20 and even 3. I never had this issue before having the Boruta Wings reward. The wings became white when the fps drops too much. It seems that each mob which hit me makes drop my fps. When i change map, my fps come back to normal and after few minutes it starts to drop. Except i have no issue in city when i don’t meet mobs or moving too much.

I have add to this, i rly don’t like wings in any games, can you do something to turned off those (very ugly to me) things plz?

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) :


  • CPU : i5-6500
  • RAM : 16GO
  • Graphics Card : amd rx 470 sapphire
  • Mainboard : gigabyte b150m-d3h
  • Storage : samsung SSD 850 evo
  • OS : Windows 10
  • Internet Connection :
  • Country, Region : France

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 1 hour unless flagged)

it comes from Auto-swap+boruta wings
it happened to all my guildmate too

Bump, issue is real.

Auto-swapping seems to cause memory leaks.

Bump, it’s even worst with last update, we can’t clean the light particles stack by manually swapping
plz do something, it’s a nightmare.

boruta wings (debuff) bug with auto-swap weapons

Please IMC, add an option to hide this f-ing wings, I don’t wanna buy other expensive wings just to hide this.

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Ok, I bought one Giltine Incense Burner because it was a cheap wing (10m) but the problem is: There is still an AURA lagging the f out my game (I am turning in a freaking Sayajin). Can you please remove these effects entirely from the game or just enable them in Boruta?

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Bumping this, issue persists. I have to farm baubas with only a pistol, because switching to dagger too often drops my FPS to the ground :frowning:

After the official announcement that it was disabled I find it strange that the effect is still ingame and the buff is renewed every week on kill.

Shouldn’t, if the effect really is disabled as stated, the Boruta mark effect phase out after two weeks and not be refreshed to two stacks every week you kill Boruta again?

So why is this happening? My guess is that nothing at all was done, the mark is still given out every week when Boruta is killed and the visual effect is still in place.

Please disable the whole mark-mechanic and the visual effect if you announce that it will be disabled.

They should just disable the visuals, not the whole effect tho. That wouldn’t be fair.

Bump, rly annoying / / 20 char

bump again

Yesterday i had to leave boruta zone and log off to refresh the bug
from 15 fps to 4 (4!!!)

after log off and refresh the bug i went back to 15 fps

In feud it makes me drops fps but also ppl around me, ennemies or allies…

Come on an answer plz

I would like to get the VISUAL effects disabled too
It’s causing me too much trouble, I have to constantly move channels/maps to keep playing and I am not alloweed to do this is things like gemstone, boruta etc

now it bugs when we equip any gears or costumes, since the fix about the boruta wings debuff

bump / / 2 0 c h a r

I think they are fixing it with this maintenance.

Thanks i was about to post the exactly same screen cut


lol nope / / 20 char


so come back to bump this everyday

Ok i know what’s the issue
it’s half fix
without back attachment it doesn’t stack anymore, but it still stacks with back attachment
i guess it’s better than nothing…

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the bug is still there when back attachment equipped