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Boruta time changed without warning. IMC needs to communicate with us


We were waiting for boruta to spawn at 5pm BRT. It seems like the event period has been changed without any warnings. We were warned in the weekend that some times were going to change, but monday and tuesday boruta spawned on the same time.

On tuesday boruta respawned with full health, completely ignoring all the damage we had done to it on monday.

Today its been 30 minutes past the time when boruta was supposed to spawn. It seems like IMC simply does not care about the international player base. Its been over 3 years already.


if you talking about Silute, no, that didn’t happened. This is only a visual bug, as soon as the channel crashed we could see the real HP, droped to 40% or something.


I feel a little confused IMC.

We want an explanation about Boruta.


that was by the end of the day

there are many reasons to believe it was really full health again after maintenance, specially when comparing to what happened in the other week we killed boruta

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Even if we dealt only 40% damage on monday, and thats lowballing my guess, it woudnt make sense. So taking time in consideration, we were dealing damage in a way better rate tuesday. We have many reasons to believe it had gone back to full health after maintenance.

I was inside the pit for the whole 12 hours it has been up this week, and it really seems like this happened.


I wanna complain about the Gemstone time, the warning messages of when Gemstone start completely vanished from the game, when we check the entrance portal they say weird time that I can’t believe its right, it’s like 21:30 to 21:35? gemstone doesn’t last 5mins

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So this is happening only with Silute?

Então tá acontecendo isso só no Silute?
(wonky translation, as always :tired:)


Yeah! That was also part of my original post, those IMC dudes are out of control, we are getting no information about this stuff. How can we plan to play the content when we have no idea about when its gonna happen?


lol, is it stil lalive on your server?


Yeah, thats part of the problem. When we went on the pit yesterday it seems to have healed to full, so we had to start the whole work again.


The game is beautiful! Sad to see how poorly managed it is on the international server.

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If it is not a bug, only shows how much the company dons’t care to its players, making schedule updates without collecting the feedback correctly and without warning at any time in forum or in main page about the change.



Can we have an statement of the correct opening time ?
We all need this information to start planning for monday.

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