Boruta seal upgrade bug


Server Name:Fedimian

Team Name:Passidur

Character Name:Danlcul

Bug Description :
I’m so angry, i want to insult you, but i have the video. I did boruta seal upgrade. First try i failed and lost two seal, everything ok here. Then i tried again, i did see the succeed animation, i didn’t lost seal BUUUUUT i had a message+no seal upgrade at all. So when it fails it fails for real and when it succeed…it fails

PS: why do i play a game i have to video everything cause the coders are so bad

Video incoming (uploading)



omg XD
and…why it was possible so? ahahah
they never ever did urgent hotfix
how was i suppose to know this
god imc imc imc


Well, you had over a month to come across this. Never miss anything posted on the news.


you couldn’t upgrade before the new patch we got today
it’s been a month it was said it’s bugged
but today they “implemented it” so i thought it was fix after a month yunno

can i have some tp for beta testing lul



@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia
please disable the seal upgrade function before more people try and fail their seals in the end.


Did you use magic stones to upgrade your seal? it is not 100% chance of success


i used 1 stone the first upgrade and it failed
but i don’t post about the fail.
look the video until the end or read my report
after this, i succeed with 4 magic stones (so 78% chance), but i don’t have a seal lvl 2 and i had an error message after it succeeds. I don’t have the seal lvl 2 i’m suppose to get ( and i hope one of the @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia will help me to get this seal i succeed)
everything is recorded on the video i posted


i think nobody understood, i don’t post about the first try i failed, i post about the second try i succeed but didn’t get any lvl 2 seal

got it?


ahh i see rip seal thou


do i have to make a video like this everyday?

at least it doesn’t consume any mats or money


Boruta seal upgrading is still bugged. They never made an announcement about it being fixed.

That note in the patch notes I believe is referring to the seals you get from the new hunting grounds not the Boruta seals.

Try upgrading those and see if they work or get the error message on success too.


why some ppl of my guild have seal lvl2?

they made annoucement they implemented it last patch


I don’t see anything on their announcement page regarding Boruta seal upgrading is fixed. Can you link it?

Can you also show a screenshot or video of your guildmates that have a level 2 Boruta seal?


man, before the last patch the upgrade was disabled
in the last week patch note, they wrote they put the upgrade enabled
you agree that i should understand that by “it’s finally fixed”, since we couldn’t choose the upgrade option during a month and now we can
and yes one of my mate have one lvl 2


I thought the upgrades only work for the HG seals, not the Boruta Seals. But can you show a screenshot of your guildmate’s Boruta seal?

I don’t know anyone that has a lvl 2 Boruta seal, and since their announcement, I didn’t think they changed or enabled the upgrading of the Boruta Seals.


you’re right it was hg seal


Fixed tomorrow… hopefully. Time to upgrade those seals!


Let’s hope, I wouldn’t upgrade just yet and wait until confirmation that they fixed it.