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Boruta Seal +1 with mercenary badges (1 per week)

1 Boruta Seal +1 per week with 30.000 mercenary badges (guys, can be 60.000 or 90.000 mercenary badges too… is just an example) isn’t overpower and will give more chances to who doesn’t like to do GTW.

The PvE players need more good ways to get this important item. If you want to buy with silver, the price is just insane (in Silute, 1 seal +1 costs around 60.000.000 silver).

Obs: I know I know, we have an excellent way to get this item with gatcha things (0,000000000000000000000000000000000001% of chance, alright?)…

Pau no cu de quem deu hidden.

60 000 silver?

yeah. might as well put vv weapons in that too. while you are at it, dont forget to put +21 varna gears to give more chances to fplks who dont like gacha for DA.

so we can stop working for it and maybe stop playing altogether. genius.

60,000 silvers?

Thats so cheap.

Make TOS offline where we can generate anything by ourself.

Pq vc não cria um clã do zero e faz stream pra popularizar o clã a um ponto onde vcs possam ir pra gtw e fazer boruta e inclusive trocar emblema por 12kk de maneira rapida?


It’s still 110 to 130 M per seal in Tels = =

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Ah manito, mexer com guilda é chato pra caralho. Sempre tem uns nego bem pau no cu tipo você que adoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lembrar das coisas ruins, mas esquece de tudo o que bom que aconteceu.


it is not good, i think from popo event is more reasonable, maybe 9900 point or 19900 point

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Here in telsiai it’s around 100m per seal. Imagine doing 100 cm runs.

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I would love to have a way to get seals without having to gamble, but sadly that is probably the best way of doing it.

30000 merc badges i think it a bit too cheap for such an important item. I don’t have one but I can probably earn close to 100,000 merc badges a week maybe more or less depending on WBR. Maybe if it was 1millionn badges I could see it. It would def take time but not over powered enough that you could get one each week…that is a bit too often in my opinion.

However, if there is enough need for NPC master Cards you could do it this way, in Klaipeda a npc master card is about 20miliion silver…not bad. With Boruta seals being about the same that is 3 cards for 1 seal. Each card is about 30000 badges so about 1 week for 3 cards and 60mil silver. Only if the cards sell. Technically this is possible if your card resell value is still up and hasn’t crashed.

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Well, it’s a cool ideia, but I don’t like to much the popo points.

Don’t forget about the market %%% and the variation of each server. But I understand you. I just don’t like the idea of a very important item has a few good ways (depending in guild things) to get.

Obs: sorry about my English and thanks for the no toxic discussion.

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