Bokor Zombie Suggestion


Zombie management is sometimes difficult and I can’t ever tell which zombies are fresh and which are old. Dismissing ALL zombies to make fresh ones can sometimes be impractical.

I think one of the following would solve this problem easily;
*A spell; It would refresh the duration of all active zombies to their maximum. (It could cost Zombie Capsules).
*An attribute; when at 8 zombies It would cause any action that would cause a zombie to spawn to instead refresh the duration of the oldest zombie to it’s maximum.


I you look at the Re:build FAQ3, you’ll notice that the goal of Bokor is to spend his zombies with Damballa and new skills which will be introduced later, not to keep them as summons, so I doubt they will bring anything that helps to keep them as summons.

Opposed to classes like the Sorcerer, a class that summons a single Demon Lord, or the Necromancer, a class that summons an army of undead, the Bokor will use zombies as consumables in combat.

[Oguveve], being a skill that enhances the STR of zombies, was removed in order to reinforce the new class concept we had planned for the Bokor. Any future improvements made to the Bokor class will introduce more skills akin to [Damballa].


Zombify is way better since the rebuild so it’s kind of redundant now, but here was my response regardless;

Samediveve was not removed and makes your zombies tankier and faster which fits in nicely with the sorc/necro “having lots of pets out” builds.

Also Damballa doesn’t seem to be very worthwhile when hex+effigy is easier to use and does a lot more damage with less setup. Damballa versus a boss often leaves you with no zombies and having to chug zombie capsules.