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Bokor skill suggestion needed

Hey. My summoner is Necro > Summoner > Bokor, and is mid-way through Bokor (class lvl 22).

I’m maxing zombify and hexing, and will max Samediveve as soon as I can get it. Also have 1 on Effigy.

I’ve honestly no idea how to further spend my skill points though.

Bwa Kayiman looks fun, but no idea how useful it actually is.

Damballa seems the DPS option…I guess I’d have to combine it with Force Attack…but still, dunno if damage is worth it.

Effigy seems to have low damage? not even sure if it scales with SPR like summons…

Any suggestion is welcome, thank you.

I used to have Bokor in my build, though not for a summoner build, but here was my skill build :

-Damballa is your burst skill, with low cooldown and high damage. At least it used to have high damage but since it got untouched by the last global rebalance it’s kind of lacking. It can deal 6400% SF every 10s with 8 zombies grouped and since most zombies respawn instant with the attribute it’s easy to spam.
-Like Damballa, Effigy hasn’t been touched by the damage balance patch, so now on top of being unpractical and costly it’s weak, don’t use it.
-Bwa Kamiyan is a 1 point wonder, you can put more into it for more damage if you want but its strength is long stun it provides which can be looped.
-Samediveve and Hexing are no brainers, max them

On a finishing note, the class has been completely untouched with the last balance patch on the exception of a very important attribute (hexing: Dark) getting switched to become an Arts, somost people with a summoner build are replacing Bokor with Featherfoot for the dark/poison damage synergy. So if you feel like the class is underwhelming it’s normal.

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And as a warning: Bokor will be gutted down soon to oblivion, so don’t bother with the class if you didn’t invest in it too much (basically if you didn’t invest into arts).

This. Also for survavibility. And Featherfoot has skills with high burst damage, which don’t require you to spam Zombie Capsules every time you want to pop a zombie…