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Bokor. Rework or. Buff

Bokor needs a complete rework of skills to make it viable again.
If they dont want to chaaaange all skills, at least they should buff them

Zombify at least increase the zombie damage like the 5/5 skeleton soldier from necromancer
Chair more speed and 20 % more damage than a normal zombie

Heavy zombie more life and defense and 50 more damage than normal zombies

Arts explotion. From 300% to. 3000% from zombie. 4000 from big zombies.
A bit more area of explotion

Curse should reduce 25% magic defense at least. For 15 points thats to much points for one single debuff skill make it worth. And increase the casting range at least. 50% more range

Makangdal its ok could increase the hp staying alive from 1% to 10%

Egiffy. More % in the formula

Damballa. Really 2k?? Cmon even energy bolt deals more than that lol. At least 5k per zombie and double area of the explotion

Samedievebe. 10% more damage arts? But lose the hp and speed. Cmon even with that speed buff they are fuking slow

Should be at least 50% more damage for losing that. Or leave it as an extra 10% more damage but whitout losing the other benefits

Bwakayiman. Low damage. They removed the cganneling yea cool but only 5 seconds

Should be.10 secs.again and triple damage at least. And add an art to the skill that makes you hold the enemy position if hited for 3 seconds. 10 seconds personal enemy cooldown. Helping pve and pvp.
What do you thing?

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