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Bokor Attribute and Skill Rework ideas

Bokor is right now a weak summoner class that has always had a Caster duality by having skills like Hexing or Damballa. I want to put my idea in words, an idea that would allow Bokor to live with that duality.

First things first, Why is bokor flawed. Bokor is performing poorly because Zombie damage as a summon is really low and doesn’t give +% summon multipliers to itself. On the Caster side, Effigy is a very slow skill animation wise and even though it has a decent SFR, the need of casting it multiple times makes non viable. Damballa is a promising skills which aims to do really high damage with spcial zombies but at the end of the day it’s not a strong skill and underperforms vs single target and with zombie capsules. Hexing is quite the opposite, it’s a long CD skill which is necessary for effigy and it’s very single target specific, which at the end of the day makes it’s gameplay really clunky.

Bwa kayiman is just no longer fun.

My ideas are mostly based on similar concepts that have already been applied to other classes. Let’s go skill by skill.

Let’s start with Hexing. Hexing lacks consistency, and the best way to give consistency is giving it the same treatment slow and judgement have been given. Make an attribute called “Enchant Hexing” which gives a 1min-30min self buff that applies Hexing on a 10%-100% chance or higher on-hit on enemies. This would allow for a more comfortable use that would ease pressure for effigy.

Effigy; Reduce cooldown to 1s. Keep the damage on 3rd hit boosted by 2.4-3.2 times and make effigy have a +100% damage modifier if used within a 2 second time window after taking damage. Would rise SFR to be around 3k% at level 15.
Effigy is about vodoo, it’s about revenge, we could keep the interesting gimmick of making it 3 hits for special damage and at the same time ease the pressure of having to recasting it consistently by simply aiming to cast it on the proper time, which would be after taking damage.

Zombify. Add a new attribute called “Zombify: Self”. This attribute will not allow you to summon Zombies anymore and you will become Dark-type, take reduced 50% healing. If Wheelchair zombie attribute is turned on, gain +5 movement speed, if Large zombie attribute is turned on get +20% MAX HP/+% DEF.

When using Damballa while you are a zombie, will consume 40% of your HP and do damage equal to 8 times the Special zombie damage. Give damballa 10s CD.

Reimplement Ogouveve as a skill. Make Ogouveve give +250% dmg to summons and +5 AOE atk ratio +30% attack speed (lv5). If Zombify: self is applied, give a bonus of +10% Dark DMG per level and +5 aoe atk ratio.

Samediveve. With Zombify: self applied, you get double the bonus from the original flag effect. Heals summon and yourself for HP recovery times 2 every second.

Bwa Kayiman, while zombify: self is applied, bwa kayiman applies a buff on yourself doing damage for 10s. Make it 30s CD.

This might not be the change that will make Bokor meta or strong, but maybe it would be a good step in making this class fun, flexible and desireable.

Literally a pvp skill build.