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Boa noite! alguem teria um bild com monk?

Good night!
would someone have a monk bild? if you can pass how to distribute the skills! I find this class a lot of fun

There are 2 metas right now:

  1. Monk-Chaplain-Zealot: It’s what I’m using, good mobility, nice burst, but it’s mainly an auto-attack build with Double Punch as it’s bread and butter, but I like it :slight_smile:

  2. Monk-Inquisitor-Zealot: More skill-oriented and very strong build. Breaking Wheel is an insane multi- and single target skill.

In my humble opinion? Give up the monk.
I played as one since the beggining when you needed to see all the maps and do level grinding.
The best choice i made to build a monk was to give up the monk.
I rolled up, when the ranks went down as monk-chapa-zea. I traded up to: druid-inqui-zea.
Best choice.
Na minha opinião você deveria largar o monk.
Eu joguei desde a abertura do jogo como clerigo-priest-monk-x -x até os ranks cairem.
Depois que abriram as raids como Velcoffer e por ai vai, a melhor coisa que fiz foi abrir mão do monk.
Antes de eu largar, eu rodei um pouco como chapa-monk-zea - pra level up e abrir mapa funciona normal. Pra conteúdo eng… lamentável.
Espero que você consiga o que você quer, meu jovem.


krivis not working well with inquisitor?

Well, taking Krivis just to have the buff to Energy Blast from Divine Stigma… It’s not like it doesn’t work well, there are just better options P:

Krivis is better suited for Zealot because Melstis doubles the duration of Fanaticism and Fanatic Illusion, but it’s a double-edged sword - you have double the duration but you lose the HP regen and get SP drain for twice as long.