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BM - Sheriff -?

Hello there, Has anyone tried something like this?
if anyone did, could share their skills and ideas?
I think something like that would work.

My build:


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My main is BM - Sheriff - Assa and is the most fun char I have, if you don’t have problem to get a good dagger+pistol, is good for PvE and PvP…

I already have a assassin.

I’m a new player :v just playing the game for 3-4 weeks

sheriff “quick draw” it is a bad skill? :thinking: don’t see much people taking this one

Best skill for sheriff are Fanning and Aiming shot, peacemaker is needed for the 50% extra damage, just with fanning you do alot of damage and Aiming shot is a good burst, Quick draw is not bad but with BM you have a better skill to do the same with RIP.

Now with savinose gear is not too hard to get a good weapon.

oh, I don’t notice that 50% extra dmg :v thats sounds interesting

Well, to answer simply:
BM-sheriff-enchant for AA build.
BM-sheriff-linker for skill build.

Corsair is good too because of Brutality. But 3 dps classes may be too much.

I personally run schwarzer-sheriff-outlaw. SR has super wide AoE which combos well with sheriff’s fanning (single tatget bossing). Outlaw has bully and outrage which can combo with redemption. Throw sand (blind) synergizes with SR skills.

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