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BM Outrage Change

Just came back after a long time and was completely surprised by the Outrage change. I understand they were trying to cut the number of skills under BM by fusing skills together through outrage, but outrage was one of BM’s more unique skills. Is there a reason why they couldn’t just add the new outrage skill as another skill (it’s only 1 skill point anyway) and keep the old outrage?

I’ve heard that they’re trying to cut down on the “autoattack” skills and builds but I sort of saw outrage as a prolonged active skill that was unique to the other BM skills (the uptime wasn’t exactly long enough to use the BM as anything close to a full auto build anyway).

Regardless, I am pretty disappointed. BM feels a little stale with its three frontal AOE’s, and it killed any enchanter/BM synergy. Outrage was a nice skill that functioned off of auto-attack mechanics but ultimately functioned more like a timed AOE like a few of the inquisitor skills. Do people like the new outrage skill? Do people think the old one had to go? Is there a reason we can’t have both?

They could have tacked on the new outrage onto something that already functioned as a passive activatable buff like freeze bullet or tracer, or just make it its own skill for 1 point, but instead had to remove a unique and fun BM skill. Not a fan, but just my opinion.

The new limacon Art functions the same way as the old BM outrage.

I think the new BM is loved by most people, although AA players hate it, obviously. You’ll have to move to SR now if you want that kind of playstyle.

Ah it looks like it. I actually don’t like the auto attack playstyle. I just liked how BM was mostly skill casting with one skill that was a bit more out of the box. Not really into basing an entire playstyle around autoattack, and I actually didn’t feel like outrage was an “autoattack” skill. I mean, of course it is, but the way it was implemented as a short rage burst didn’t really make it feel like it.

I’m just complaining at this point. I’ll either learn to love it or move on. I’m just sort of annoyed how useless my enchanter feels now (was running BM enchanter corsair).

yes the old outrage looked cool and it was fun.
But majority of the BM players were asking for more functionality. Sadly the old Outrage was useless in CM, Raids etc. (it couldn’t even leave a dent on past high-end bosses even with enchanter) and players ended up maxing Freeze Bullet just because it was more useful. Not to mention when you were on Outrage mode back then, all other skills seize to function, making you the party’s cheerleader for 10 seconds.
The current BM, IMO is now a bit more balanced and packs a punch [although not as hard as other classes]. In the meta BM/Sin/Sheriff build, BM is the center. It is still fun at the same time, watching it melt Plants with all it’s OP iframes, at the very least it is now very functional.