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Blue Fortress Res Sacrae still bugged

The elevator still bugged. We are teleported once the raid begins but if you respawn or DC and returns, you won’t be able to join the fights.

Well, GG, IMC.

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Hi Alyu_support,

Kindly submit a support ticket with the details of the matter for further investigation.

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Ticket sent, @GM_Francis .

Hello savior!

The elevator does not work at the moment but you can use the warp device in the dungeon to go up. Could you tell us which device did not work when you tried to move?
We would really appreciate your answer :slight_smile:

Thank you

I never went there but a lot of allies did… If the device is not bugged, I got matched with a lot of lazy and/or dumb people to not see a device…

When it start , u get teleported out of starting zone
After that if u revive at starting point , u cant get out bc no lift
Wiz can still teleport out tho

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Just checked, no device in the starting area. My allies weren’t lazy or dumb. It’s just IMC’s bad design…

Can we have a vote to ban Blue Fortress? I failed 10 runs already. I regret buying all 10 resets… Next time, I’ll buy 1 everytime I complete a run instead…


Hello savior!

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The issue will be fixed next week during the scheduled maintenance.

Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

are you talking about the device in the mid of map to go to the the boss area @Staff_Jin ? i think you misunderstand here. its not the elevator we talking about.

you didnt fix the elevator and instead change the starting point but you forgot to change the respawn point if character dead

the respawn point after dead is still the old starting point which required an elevator!
funny if starting point was really changed it should be fixed by re-entering, but re-entering instead reset the starting point back to the old starting point where elevator is needed

tldr tell your dev to change the ressurection/revive point when character dead to become the new starting point. pls


When you buy Res Sacrae Dungeon Vouchers from last week to run them this week and IMC pulls this doodoo …

And how is the Chat Error bug getting worse and worse every since the week the bug was “fixed” … sort of.

TBH, i called this “workaround” not “fixing”.
but still, better than nothing.

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