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Blossom Blader and Templar

I was wondering if the new Blossom Blader class can synergize well with the Templar class. Like if BB skills can be used while using the Horse mount on templar.

Planning to go Blossom Blader > Doppel > Templar?

You can’t use BB skills while mounted on Templar horse. Unfortunately Templar’s horse isn’t coded to be a mount in game, therefore you can only use the designated Templar skills only while using the horse.

This also applies to every other class in the swordsman tree, not just BB.


Well that sucks.

Thanks man. I guess I’m gonna go Highlander or Barbarian for my last class.

You can use Templar’s Flying Color to boost your crit rate tho.

you can also learn Templar’s ART so u can use templar skills w/o mounting the horse.