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Blood, Sweat and Pixels

Fantastic read, so going to buy the book once it’s out.

Took the AAA company 2 years+ after release to get it right. Will we see and witness the same for here?


I don’t think the game is all that much, if you compare to D2, still ways to go tbh.

Many are not even glad with the new type of ancient gear that only drop from GR70+.

Well, it’s all a perspective point tbh.

I still think Victor Vran is better than D3, specially in the challenge side.

If took 2 years for a company that big and of renown to “fix” something, imagine this one that is small and barely handle things right lol.

200 years at least.

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Size isn’t everything mmm…

I could agree in certain aspects, but the power at Blizz is 4 or 5x more than IMC, hence, the time to take to do things right, also, IMC only has to sit there and fix the versions under publisher and let the rest burn till they decide to move.

And by power I meant knowledge, not numbers, honestly, it’s to the point of one thinking it’s amateurism from IMC not do what is more profitable and just go on like it is today. In all honesty I doubt even an amateur programmer would want to keep working like this for long. I wouldn’t.