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Blood Explosion skill

Why is it always greyed out? When I play I see it sometimes activate, but for like a few milliseconds and I can never use it. Nothing is said about any constraint in the patch notes or tooltip, is it like Palm Strike or other skill that is used in a combo?

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You have to be targetting an enemy for it to cast, it’s not a skill you can “dry fire” like most others. For some reason it sometimes thinks it has a viable target when you are targetting an npc or ally. Might be a primarily mouse mode issue, because I can use it without many problems on controller.

I wish they did the same for other skills like Damballa or Divine Punishment. For those the skill doesn’t get greyed out if you don’t have a target, but either do nothing (Damballa) or goes into CD (Divine Punishment).

I never understood why they changed how mouse mode handled targeting, before it was really simple: you hovered the mouse over the circle under the mob and the target was acquired. Now you have to pray the mob has a large hitbox, which is not the case for stuff like GTW towers or Delmore boss. For those there is a SINGLE PIXEL that triggers targeting, this is annoying as hell…