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Blind status issue - Class interaction

Date and Time: Since the update of 06/25

Server Name: [SA] Silute

Team Name: PopArt

Character Name: Mira

Bug Description : The time of the blind effect is being restarted and sometimes lasting less than it should, any abilities that cause the blind effect are affecting the time accumulated by the infernal shadow.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Use the Shadowmancer skill Infernal Shadow and attack with Shadowmancer skills to stack blind status.
  2. After the shadow disappears, attack the target with Shadow Thorn or use Warlock Evil Sacrifice with Darkness attribute active and the time will be modified. The remaining time will be according to last used skill, Shadow Thorn applies 3 seconds and the Darkness attribute of warlock applies 10 seconds, so does any other skill that also causes blind.

Screenshots / Video :
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Pelo amor de Deus verifica isso, ta acontecendo o mesmo comigo.

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