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Blessed Gems too expensive

Can someone please explain to me the logic of removing Blessed Gems from Mercenary Shop? It just helps bots to get rich. We need blessed gems to upgrade our weapons, which are key for the access of poor players to the late game content. Is there a logic to this that I’m missing?

the logic is that you need to play the game more, to increase the playercount and online time so the IMC investors are happy, instead of logging in everyday for a few minutes and get free gems

you answer your own question

bots are always rich( of silver, and later rich of mb)
bots can get mb too simply by doin lazy bernice, sneaking up in uphill collecting orbs etc
they can login daily to each account to get 5bg and channel it to their main.

ofc imc can choose an option where they didnt have to burn the house just to kill a rat

they can make it untradable plus reduce the amount to xtreme minimum like 1 daily, or even increase the price of mb shop bg to be more expensive compare to another mb items worth

though back in the day ppl doin 20+ saalus daily to get 1 shard each character
but nowadays more ppl especially newcomers are spoiled by the “spoonfeed effect” from events and new stuffs so they tend to become lazy

sure the needs of bg increase, but that doesnt mean >everyone< should and could get all their needs and beat the game in less than week, or even a day
thats the realm of whales, hardcore player and unfortunately the botters/RMT too that IMC decided to put aside

these spoonfeeder want to reach the top, on par with whales, or hardcore players, with minimum effort
thats a sweet dream… wake up.

when you wake up, imc will provide you with t8 or even t10 scroll in later event

The only real thing this the guy above me said

these spoonfeeder want to reach the top, on par with whales < It’s so you can get frustrated at how much time/energy you invest into the game for such little improvements (which doesn’t generate any income for imc btw). Then you can one day realize that this game is actually a gacha simulator and start investing actual cash to make real improvements, or quit like 90% of the population.

don’t believe me? blessed gems have been in cubes for some time, here is a video on how easy it is to get blessed gems and how much of a non-issue it is to get them:

So you buy Leticia cubes for the chance of getting the 100x BG boxes.

Totally irrelevant.

You can now get Blessed Shards from CM Singularity mode. Dungeon reset vouchers/multipliers are easily available so you can spam dun 400 for them. And of course the Moringponia lottery will give you some if you’re into gambling and spending your silver.

Pls stoop. Ppl ignore all the method to earn BG. They want afk freebies BG.

The methods are far worse than what we had before, that’s the issue. They removed saalus just to put an instance that gives less things (at least you had the sister aiste gifts to get some more shards for the first three runs before). And with the badge challenge vouchers provided you can at most get two rewards per day from singularity, so while you do get a good amount of shards, you can’t really spam them (and even then we’re talking about like an average of 10 shards per reward at level 3 as far as i’ve seen). Far off from the 5 BG we could get before.
Meanwhile the costs and uses for blessed gems have skyrocketed. And when even veteran players hardly have enough gems to develop their main chars - let alone alternate chars, go figure how a new player, that wasn’t here when you could get BG from the badge shop, and thus couldn’t stockpile some, is supposed to catch up (and good luck doing singularity with a badly equipped char…).
Having some BG from the badge shop was fine - the tradability of them was the issue. If they were tied to the team, thus avoiding people funneling them from alt accounts to the main ones, it would have been good like that. Instead they’ve removed them outright. And now we’re in a drought.
Saying the situation is fine is just voluntarily ignoring the issues, and that’s it.

It doesn’t seem smart that the item poor players use to get their first +10 transcended weapon is the same item required for billionaire equipment, like Karaliene and Arks. Just think about the cost of upgrading a weapon to transcendence lvl 10 when each BG costs 2kk. This will make the access of poor players to Challenge Modes (which is when poor player start to make money) 4x more complicated. It seems ilogical that the item you use to craft billionaire equipment is the same that you need for something so basic like your first good weapon.

i am rich , from last merge server i have 3k BG