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Blessed Gem at Mercenary shop

Please return the blessed gems on merc shop.

This will help alot of players particulary the newbies.

blessed gem/shards is difficult to get right now.


Hello @lladocspark,

We will forward your suggestion to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.

Only need reduce the “tradability” and only keep on Team Storage. It’s all.

Right now I have points/medals inside Mercenary Shop and don’t use it because nothing attractive inside the shop to buy. And I think not only my case about Mercenary Shop medals/points.


Thank you GM francis.

It´s even worse on the season server.
There are no Shards/Gems on the market.
You cant get Arts or trans new gear…

I follow IMC, i play 5 char to do dg daily, do 10 cm per day.
Im waiting the “TC Odd Number Discount” from weekend event.
But, October doesnt have it. Very dissapointed. Thanks IMC.