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Bhikku's Feedback on Territory Wars from Team Aqua

  • Team Name: Bhikku

  • Class Build: Cannoneer

  • CPU: i5-6500 @3.20Hz

  • RAM: 8GB

  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1070

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 72 Mbps

  • Country/State: Georgia, United States


Maps seem too small to enable real guild-on-guild fights. It takes about 20-30 seconds to walk from the entrance to the capture point. A guild that you just wiped or some other guild can be back in too quickly to then fight you from behind while you’ve already moved in to fight the defending guild. Galeed seems to be the absolute worst map and the easiest to defend once acquired. Genar is probably the best for attacking since the capture point area is pretty spacious and allows several guilds to be nearby without having to kill each other to fight the defending guild. Inner 8 also seems very easy to defend.

The other objectives besides the capture point seem silly and pointless.

Bugs and Other Issues

This has been said enough times but TBL Rules are not implemented. Alchemist potions, TP pots, Miko charms, and dispellers can all be used on the GTW maps. I think the biggest problem with this is the Psychokino skill Heavy Gravity. Everywhere except on the TBL map (including towns and the GTW maps, Heavy Gravity is bugged so that if you’re hit by Heavy Gravity (no bloodletting, beak mask, or Miko charms in effect to stop the debuff), you will not be able to move or cast spells. So, it’s a pretty big deal (but only because it’s TBL rules don’t apply which somehow fix the bug, but then again since they don’t apply, you can just use miko charms to block the effect I think). I don’t necessary agree with GTW following the exact same rules as TBL, but I think it should have its own set of rules to basically limit consumables and some other buff durations.

FPS is usually fine until a large volume of players comes onto your screen at once (like a guild rushing you, for example, so I guess it’s actually not fine). The huge delays, lag, and VGA errors were better than on the first day because of people being spread across more maps but it still exists and is pretty awful? Weapon swap was so bad that my cannon disappeared from my inventory when I tried to use cannoneer skills and didn’t return until I relogged.

The optimization patch sort of brought back some old bugs and a few new ones that haven’t been addressed. I don’t know what else can be said. They’re just going unaddressed and unfixed. It’s not really okay. I’ve made a ticket but most people have given up on reporting bugs through the ticket system because there are no results.


Overall, the second day was alot better and hopefully many bug fixes and client improvements are on the way. There needs to be bigger maps that are hopefully at least roughly designed specficially for GTW.

Here’s more feedback after a few more days of the GTW Beta Test.

Bugs (not including ones in first post)

  • Well, it has been several days and my GTW UI still doesn’t work. It could be an add-on issue but I’m not sure which and do not really want to remove all of them to find out.

Problems and Possible Solutions

  • Revive - This skill is very strong to say the least. What makes the skill most problematic is when the buff triggers and makes your character immune to damage for several seconds depending on level. In TBL, this invulnerability time is greatly reduced and needs to also be reduced in GTW. The regular buff duration is fine as it is.

  • Class Builds - Everyone is aware by now that class builds are very important. In order to fully test the Territory Wars, I would have thought giving a few rank resets to try to create some ‘GVG’ builds would have been a good idea. This goes beyond just GTW, though, but builds are way too volatile and can become useless or useful in a heartbeat. A build is made for what’s best at the time. However, the game and classes are constantly changing alot (which is progress at least yay?) and the desire to make adjustments to your class build would naturally follow. There needs to be more available access to Rank Resets. Many are not interested in making endless amounts of characters while their old characters sit in their lodge gathering dust or eventually get deleted along with their invested attribute points. A simple solution is to at least make it available in the TP shop just like stat and skill resets and/or to give some monthly reset. A part of what makes the game likable is its potential for versatility but it shouldn’t become a negative factor when trying to decide on a build.

  • Fedimian is the universal spawn point for like everybody - Currently, when I die or another guild takes the capture point, I spawn back in Fedimian. This is a huge waste of time. It’s not even at the normal warp point and is instead at the very bottom right of the map. I suggest making an option to save a warp to another town (not the ones adjacent to the GTW maps) and that this town or map will be where you respawn. There are so many reasons for this. GTW requires alot of preparation and you will pretty much always need a basecamp, pardoner shop,repair shop, sage warp shop, and other shops ideally all in one location. However, in Fedimian, you cannot use a basecamp so you will already have to warp to another map to get squire food buffs and to use the basecamp buff effect. Also, you are going to want to have your other shops ready nearby so that you can quickly get to your next destination while not necessarily wanting to share it with other guilds because it would needlessly convenience them or you wanted to provide some sort of shop discount to guild members. Having the ability to save at another map/town/city where basecamps work would just be way better in every way. Another idea is to implement more storage NPCs at these new, spawn save-able maps since currently only 3 exist in the entire game.

  • You can’t go to your basecamp location or use town warp scrolls while inside a GTW map - I cannot think of any good reason for this off the top of my head.

  • Maps are too small - Maps are so that you can be fighting attacking guilds over and over with no breaks and the defending guild’s returning members have to take the same path that the other attacking guilds are taking and get too easily picked off or heavily delayed while trying to return to defend the capture point. IF there are ever larger maps, defending guild members would have the option to enter somewhere in the map closer than the entrance to get back to capture point more quickly. Although defense seems much easier than attack at the moment, I guess this would be more of a change for the future after more balancing?

Mostly rambling but I hope I got the message across.

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