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Better Title System

There’s a lot of upcoming changes that we’re excited for but I wanted to bring up the subject of some inconsistent designs or well; not so important/unrefined system. It’s Titles, and how strange to me singular use event titles are locked to just your one character and not held through the multiplicative of your lodge.

I know there’s debate among alt’s and how they generate revenue through the game’s daily limits but like the Collection system it’s more then imperative that the Title system gets some refining. I think we’re too far past the general game design to lock it towards a single character and the current title system isn’t really an incentive to stick to a single character.

While the current proposes minor buffs and extensions I think it would be exciting if it would be made into a team system that rewards a various amount of achievements with not just singular titles but additive towards the account (e.g. Play time spread among all characters, achieving a max job level within a certain class, obtaining an excess amount of dungeon runs for particular instances, overkills being accumulative) It opens a lot more flexibility and allows you to sport more of your various achievements while playing through another character. Enhancing another form of play-style for your player base that enjoys playing a variety, or adding more incentives for achievement hunters.

When it comes to the stat variable it’s hard to justify entirely how ratios should work, maybe certain titles unlock a singular effect you can equip. Whether it being 5 to a stat, a little bit of attack speed, or any variation. Having two selective options for your title. To cater to a design like:

The one displayed
The effect chosen

While a certain title unlocks a stat-line/effect, you can cosmetically choose a title at your desire. Still keeping minor milestones but allowing you design team to place small hidden gems through out the world, either via quest, gimmick or just exploration. Creating variation between a “team title” and “character titles” too.

It’s also a fine way to separate cosmetic, event, and player community achievements and lets them access it through any array of characters. There’s no way that an Art Contest, Content Creator, or helpful member to the community’s title should be limited to one singular in game character. Likewise I believe that rule should apply to event titles as well.

I think with a more refined system that focuses titles to have a more cosmetic value is a wonderful addition to purchase through TP as well. Whether it’s background plating, effects, or colour changes. Customization and allowing that flexibility to be used between your alts is something myself as a consumer desires and could possibly fit for a wonderful addition towards a healthy sale.

As much as I’d like to see titles have more impact at least in terms of achievement through quests, it allows a wider variety of options and is something that players can look forward to.

low key I just want my footbol/soccer Orshan Supporter title on my main :sad:


I would like to see a buff to the Title System, I mean, the bonus stats does not justify going to hunt titles.
But what really bother me right now are that the titles aren’t for the account and are character-bound, I have a lot of old event titles scattered among characters that I don’t even use.

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