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Beta feed back on Guild event

  • Team Name:MoridinVI

  • Character Name:Sir

  • Class Build:Musketeer

  • CPU:AMD PhenomX2

  • RAM:16G dd3 1600

  • Graphics Card:nvidia 670FTW

  • OS:Win 7 64bit

  • Internet Connection Speed:Cable

  • Country/State:United states/Ohio

  • Comments
    While the build up to the event was certainly exciting, everyone camped around the various entrances, the event itself was barely playable. I was disconnected do many times i gave up, and when In the match the frames and lag were such that i could barely tell what was happening and certainly couldnt do anything productive. Identifying what happened to my shots or what killed me was impossible…

    Im not sure what the intent of having us all start at the same place was but it quickly turned into a spawn camp at all entrances. I never saw the capture point.

    I love the idea of having things to do with the guild but i feel very strongly this needs to be more refined, and needs to be more controlled. Gear could be normalized, how many guilds with how many people. The free-for-all that we just witnessed can only devolve into a nasty mess, let alone when the frames and lag become a problem. Appreciate your time!

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