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Best way to farm pages?

Best way to farm mystic pages for not so geared players? Tried amiss dog 5x with no luck

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Got one from that. Dont have silver anymore though XD

Legendary raids, like Velcoffer, seems to be effective.

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got 2 from solmiki run.

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Never done solmiki my entire life XD. Gonna try it out. I cant solo velcoffer yet.

Got 6 from the grace event. Spent about 20m. Overall still pays off.

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Just do all content that gives chance of a page instead of AP. You can do 5x Earth Tower + 5x Irredian + 4x Uphill every week. A free art is given by the stamp event and if you’re willing to use real money you can buy 5 P2W packages for 147 TP.


Already got the one from the stamp. Gonna try those, thanks.

wait, how many floors of solmiki should i complet to have a chance to get a page?? I tried soloing it for the first time and I keel losing on the “defend the altar” part

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You need 5 floors. After defeat the boss you done.

A tip for “defend the altar” part. Do not kill the mobs. Unequip your weapon and attack the mobs to lure. Spend 4 minutes just running around. =**


oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. didnt think of that. thanks

So doing floors 1 to 5 of ET is good enough or you need to do 1 to 5 of Solmiki?

Just do 35-40F (I think it’s stage 4). Easier than previous floors. You might also want to make solmiki weapon for your alts or for its appearance.

Earth Tower also got a casual mode? Because i’m not sure my shitty SR can solo it,i don’t even got the second Ichor on my lv400 weapon yet.

I think only unique raids have solo mode. Solmiki is Legend raid

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I’m replying to my own post so anyone who googles it finds this.(i guess someone else might also check the game again with the arts and easy mode).

Earth Tower is piss easy now,that’s all.

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Indeed the easiest area… is the last one. This week I’ve completed my 5 runs but got no page, I guess the drop rate is still quite low. No pages from Irredian or Uphill either :frowning:

So yeah if you have the silver to waste, try the lottery. Be prepared to spend everything though, you’ll get your pages but at an outrageous cost. On Fedi, pages are now 7 mil in market, so you can also buy them.

In Klai, the shop closes befoe it hits 5 minutes, because people spend so much that they get the Legend items right away XD.