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Best use of EXP tomes on Exp weekend?`

I’m wondering what the best usage of exp tomes would be, if im not wrong they only apply to monsters slain and not to quests. Would grinding mobs with a 8x tome be worthwhile and if so where would you grind from level 200 onwards. I’m kind of a hoarder and want to start using them before they pile up too much xD. Only grind spots i really know about is DP2 but moving from there onwards im really quite unsure as where the best places to go would be.

Thanks in advance for any responses and hope yall have a wonderful day!

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Challenge Mode, buy some entry resets.

So just going to the highest map ya can possibly cm in and try to hit cm5 rinse and repeat?

Yep, it’s better if you can team up for faster cleaning(so u don’t waste much time of your tome). Doesn’t need to be the highest, just stay in the range of 30 lv and try to do in maps with monsters that give higher EXP.
Don’t forget to take other XP buffs like Cookies, Sprout and Godess Statue if you can(but get the buff in the cities to not consume tome XP).
I used to do CM 202+ in Cranto and 230+ Kalejimas and 270+ Jonael, Idk what route people are using nowadays.

That sounds really solid i may try it if im up for dumping a couple silvers on the resets! Thanks for the advice bud :3

Mind you CM resets are highly priced right now due to high demand coz if new level cap.

try to get a squire’s base camp buff also before doing cm. They give 50% exp and 50% chance to prevent armors and weapons durability loss.

Or you could keep the tome to run dg 330 with them + pamoka solution, they’re filling so much faster with xp tome and when filled at 100% they can sell for 3-4.5M on market :satisfaction:

More like less than 3m now. People are spamming CM and honestly the market will break soon when farmers start to dump all their filled Pamokas in the market altogetger