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Best rune of giants build?


i want to be giant all of the time what is the best build


Wizard3>Thaumaturge3>Rune Caster>Enchanter3 [for Rank 10].

All skills can be used as Giant in this build.


you dont need Wiz3 in this build because Thauma’s Swell Brain has quick cast attribute. Pyro1 for self or cryo1 for higher damage with lightning attacks are way better choices, imo.


wiz2>pyro1>thuma3>runecaster>enchanter2 (enchanter3 when rank 10 comes out).

stats are 100% CON. every single point. and get CON gear too. you will be using transpose to change all of your CON into INT to use thuma buffs and fight.

this is the order:

1: use rune of giants first, with the attribute for it that that gives you a large amount of bonus HP depending on how much CON you have when you use the skill.

2: once you’re giant, use exactly level 9 transpose to change your CON into INT. level 9 transpose lasts for 140 seconds, and rune of giants last for 150 seconds. this is perfect because you will automatically change back to CON just before rune of giants runs out, ready to do your buff cycle again. the reason it is done this way is to avoid ever dropping to an extremely low amount of HP. [example: if you were an int build, you would use thuma and enchanter buffs first, and then use transpose and use rune of giants last. but when you transpose int into con, you’re left with a massive empty HP pool, and have to manually cancel the transpose buff every time by right clicking the buff icon in top left of screen to go back to int for damage while fighting. you keep the bonus hp that you get from casting rune of giants while you’re full con for the entire duration of rune of giants, so you want to be in your int stance while fighting as you already have hp from giant rune attribute when you changed]. so do 100% con build, get attribute that gives you loads of HP depending on your current con at the point of casting rune of giants, and then use exactly level 9 transpose once you’re giant to change to int for just-shy of the rune of giants duration. play smart.

3: now that you’ve transposed your con build into an int one for the next 140 seconds, cast your thumaturge buffs. start with swell brain as it adds int, which further improves the potency of your other thumaturge buffs (swell left and swell right arm) - your right and left arm buffs become stronger depending on how much int (or spr but we’ll ignore that) you have when you cast the buffs.

4: use your enchant fire from pyromancer, your enchant lightning from enchanter, and your main damage skill/buff; lightninghands.

5: get ready for blisters… as a giant, you apply an auto attack whenever you jump. this also activates lightning hands and everything else like enchant fire or blessing buff from pardoners, etc. you’ll be wanting to jump-cancel every auto attack. basically jump>attack>>>jump>attack>>>jump>attack. there’s a certain rhythm to it to get it just right. after just a bit of practice you’ll never miss a beat. it’s important because you’re literally doubling your damage by jumping around everywhere while also auto attacking. if you’re doing it right, it will be fluid. if your character freezes for a second when you land a jump, then your timing is off. it’s really not too hard to get perfect though.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this is the skill build. don’t forget the shrink body skill. with its attribute, you can debuff enemies to take +120% damage. it’s great with this build as you’re not really using any other skills while fighting, and it gives you a large boost in damage when needed. level 6 shrink body lets you land the debuff on 6 enemies.
if you want to get the reversi skill (you can’t use reversi while giant, but you can make reversi skill scrolls with enchanter to sell on market) then reduce swell right arm to 9/10 to do so. don’t take a point off shrink body because then it will only hit 5 targets.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

if you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:


You can only use all Wizard skills and buffs/debuffs as Giant,though. As he wants to stay a giant 24/7, you won’t be able to utilize cryomancers skills to induce freeze debuff (you can use Froster Lord cards for that effect instead).

Pyromancer has the same problem. Enchant Fire scrolls can be bought on the market btw., so Pyro 1 over Wizard C3 which can boost your Magic Missile and Earth Quake damage by a large margin seems like self-crippling to save some bucks on scrolls.

In my opinion, upgrading Earth Quake, Magic Missile and Magic Shield is way more efficient, and if you want, you can even get Quick Cast for Rune Caster.

Especially strengthening Magic Missile [3 missiles at level 5&6 vs 6 bullets at level 11, the maximum damage of level 11 Magic Missile (26136%) is 2,5 times as high as level 6(10368%), because of the many multipliers involved in the damage calculation], which deals double bounce damage with Swell Left Arm in effect, is reason enough to go Wizard 3 over Cryo/Linker/Kino/Pyro.


You need Wizard3 because of Lv15 Lethargy, c3 attribute for +50% strike damage (falco, inqui,murnobi etc.) and (optionally) Lv15 Magic Shield. Feel the difference between 10% and 15% attack reduction in Velcoffer raid or on WB. Wasting a whole circle just for +1 line to AA damage when you can buy a scroll? No, thanks.

No, SPR. Put your gear into any Enchanter’s shop in town, choose “1 CON for 20 SPR” and THEN use transpose. Summary INT/SPR stats will be much higher. Or (as I do) switch INT to CON, get bonus HP from attribiute and turn transpose off. Average thauma has 700+ SPR and 200+ INT, so 50-60k HP is more than enough for any game content.
You’re trying to treat 100% party support as solo dealer. Here is the build that I personally use - only buffs, debuffs and auto attack, nothing needless for party:


Wizard1>Pyro1>Linker1>Thaum3>RC>Enchanter 3.

Fast clear. Trust me, I run it with 6.4-6.7k magic atk. Full CON.


Here’s my current build 7k matk max


You can also try this just for a different build :slight_smile:

Wiz2 - Link2 - Thau3 - Rune - Enchant2

Joint penalty works soooo well with magic missile and rune of destruction. (You can use linker skills in giant form too except Spirit Shock.

You can invest in sleep (dream eater att) since Magic missile, rune of destruction and rune of justice are non elemental magic so sleep doubles your damage.

Dont worry about quickcast on this build, you have surespell and sleep. The only skills with casting time are rune skills. And yeah swell brain has quick cast attribute.

Lightning hands for auto attack like the other builds.