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Best PVP build Now

Hey :hugs:
1.What is the best pvp build/stats/skills right now ?
Today I want back to the game after 1,5 years.

anybody help ?
I want back to the game but i dont know build right now …

sorry im not into pvp but you can check in game TBL ranking.the tops are the pvp meta.

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thanks, you now maybe place where i found pvp build i still try and try…

wat class??

i think wiz :slight_smile:
but for now is whatever i want back to the game and good pvp class/build

sorry, can’t help with wiz. swordie is all i know.
well, since the ARTs patch, people are testing out the new skills, so currently, there might be some changes to the best pvp build.

these are just some swordie suggestions for pvp:

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also use this if u haven’t alreaady

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Depends on the type of PVP content you want to do. Sage seems really strong right now, but my early guesses on other strong PVP classes seems to be dependent on how long you expect a fight to be.