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Best of the Best (Collection: Pasleptas)

I’m looking for Mihail’s Review.
I’m 232, completed all quests in Delmore Outskirts, used “Best” in front of Mihail and still have no this quest appeared.

Nobody who completed this quest or have same problem?

Same here. Did you found a solution?

I had the same problem but after finishing all quests from Inner Enceinte District up to Fortress Battlegrounds i was able to get Mihails Review

So I’ve done just about everything conceivable in trying to get Mihail’s Review. Completed every quest up to 245 (using better quest addon to keep tabs.) and nothing I do will make using the best emote activate Mihail’s quest.

I even submitted a ticket, but was given an absolutely useless response about coming to the forums, where I’ve already read everything about the collection and the quest.

So I guess I’ll shot in the dark. What could I possibly need to do to make this work, short of biting down on the leather and waiting till I level another character up to ~210?

Edit: Yup, it was bugged on my archer (Which I stated in my ticket.) and required I level a completely separate character up to 210 to get the review. I couldn’t get the quest from the dievdirbys master that’s supposed to come after you finish the storage quarter.

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There was a thread on forum already with everything explained. I also posted there a video guide about how to complete it. Too lazy to find thread so I can just link video again.

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Appreciate the help, but yeah, that didn’t work. I actually did have to completely relevel a new character to get the Mihail’s Review.

I’m about 90% sure my first character was bugged, as it never received the dievdirbys master’s quest to go to the storage quarter and guide the souls, which after I did it on my wizard, was able to get the mihail’s review immediately.

Here’s my tip, since I did this a few days ago.

When I did the emote, I read his dialog.

He basically got stories from you, including stories about Mage Tower, Demon Prison and meeting a goddess in Seplyni Glen.

So at minimum, those quests should be done. Maybe even more, where you meet goddesses like quests leading up to Lada in Bellai rainforest.


I have this issue too… The difference is…
I can take the “Freedom” quest from Diev Master that ask us to lead souls into the owl statue…

Did you finish ALL the quests on your 210? I still have Dina Bee, Church Main Hall and Aqueduct bridge yellow flagged quest, but i already finished my main quest (+ blues) up to Seir Rainforest (Lv 100ish) + Mage Tower 5F… and also all the questlines (+ blues) in Sentry Bailey > Fortress Battleground area… Including 100% map completion with Evac.

Still Mihail wont trigger after i bested him :frowning:

He basically got stories from you, including stories about Mage Tower, Demon Prison and meeting a goddess in Seplyni Glen.

I didnt read this post before… i will try finishing aqueduct and try it again with Mihail

Update : I finished Demon Prison and Church Main Hall (last revelation) main quests and can get this already (didnt finish Dina Bee quests at all, even the main quest).

according to

“Hearing about the Revelator’s adventures, I couldn’t help but be suspicious.
From defeating Demon Lord Bramble and recovering the Revelation Slate kept by Goddess Saule,
to the battle with Rexipher?歷?츝side the tomb of King Zachariel;
overthrowing Helgasercle with Grita and Goddess Gabija’s Divine Tree,
protecting the Revelation hidden by Maven from Demon Lord Naktis,
revealing the true identity of Premier Eminent at the Fortress of the Land and defeating him,
even defeating Demon Queen Gesti??살Ы Tenet Church with the Paladin Master and the followers…”

so, all you need is

Revelation of Tenet Church
Revelation of Kvailas Forest
Revelation of Royal Mausoleum
Revelation of Mage Tower
Revelation of Great Cathedral
Revelation of Fortress of the Land


According to the database you only need to be level 214 (204 to be able to get the quest) and have completed This is Only the Beginning (a lvl 84 quest on that area)

I’ve had no issues on this quest. After doing the emote in from of the npc.