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Best leveling build?

Planning to participate in the new season server. What’s the best leveling class-build for swordie? and in which order should I get the classes?

I saw someone recommend Peltasta-Matador-Murmillo which is weird since isn’t this mostly a single-target class?

Yeah, definitely not that build lol, its not terrible, but it does lack AoE, the best all-rounder woud be
Doppel-Barbarian-Blossom Blader, but since leveling up its relatively easy I guess it depends on what kind of playstyle you like more, Fencer-Matador-Barb or Dragoon/Lancer-Barb-Hoplite are good options too

So, pretty much, you can just go Barb-X-X, depending of what weapon you want to use

2h Sword: Doppel-Barb-BB
2h Spear: Dragoon/Lancer-Barb-Hop
1h Spear: Reitarus-Barb-Dragoon
Rapier: Fencer-Barb-Matador

I’m using barb-dop right now and it’s a bit clunky. I was just probably too spoiled because I used SR and zealot-pd-diev which makes leveling and field grinding a breeze.

Won’t pelt help out when grinding? Open world maps have mobs scattered and even if you have aoe, mobs will still be too far apart.

Ohh well, if you expect something close to the speed farming of a SR on a Swordman, let me tell you, there isnt, not for open world maps at least, CMs is perfectly fine tho, and yeah, Doppel can feel a little bit clunky next to a SR, but once you get the hang of the combos it’ll be much better

And well, if you do plan to grind in open world maps I guess you could take pelt, it would help out a little bit in that scenario, however, if what you want is to lvl up fast, just do the main story line quests, you wont have to grind at all till lvl 400ish, and from there on you can just spam CMs to make it faster

Is there a point where a cata-lancer-hop/dragoon will hit a wall in dps for leveling? I plan to make cata for leveling and switch to bb build later on. just not sure when would be the best time to switch.

Dragoon and Lancer are good, Cata feels extremely underwhelming in terms of damage, specially next to Dragoon and Lancer but its got good mobility and buffs tho, to lvl up id say its ok, Dragoon and Lancer can carry with the damage, Cata will hit a dps wall really quick tho, like, lvl 350ish mobs quick

But it’ll be fine most of the game, you can switch classes till you reach episode 12 maps, Dopp-Barb-BB will have way better dps for those areas where mobs start to get really tanky

for new server faster quest is more rewarding than grinding, cata-peltasta - dragoon/lancer for faster clearing quest , because new server have bonus eq and buff this is the most fastest build for leveling

Thanks i’ll try cata-pelt.

I’m trying cata-lance right now and it does feel much better than barb-dop.

yeah, peltasta provoke usefull for gather passive mobs faster , u can reset later