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Best Ichor - 2H Sword

Hi guys!

What is the best current ichor for 2 H swordsman? Skiaclipse,Moringponia or other?

Anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance!

If your build have Barbarian i m almost sure its Moringponia.
If you aim just for PVE skiaclipse is also a good choice.
Other wise you can go for Asio/Wastrel.
I want to try and see if Misrus regen effect is of any good, when it happens i will leave here the results…

Actually, I have barbarian in my build.

Looks like every stack of frenzy increase the overall dmg in 3.2% x 5 = 16%, look pretty nice to me.

The max stack of frenzy is 20…

i can get 22 stacks with max frenzy+divine might

This refer to the moringponia Effect:

if it possible to use 2x moring ichor, then i think it is the best ichor because of +10 stack frenzy

you can use only 1 fixed ichor cant use 2,
and Moring 2h sword, i thought it gives always ON 5 stack frenzy.
but its just increase the limit to 25??

how does this effect work in this 2h sword.