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Best combination for AoE damage


The thing i love the most in ToS is entering a room full of monsters and killing all of them with big damaging-big area skills.

With that in mind, between all the 5 branches, all the classes and the combinations, what class has the most range in their skills? Of course damage is important, but i’m giving priority to the scale of skills.

Doesn’t matter which branch will be or the concept of the class, i’ll like it anyway for the reasons above.

Thanks in advance.

  • Rodelero
    • 13x5 Targe Smash
    • 13x1 Shield Bash
    • 16x2 Shooting Star
  • Dragoon
    • 3x1 Dragon Fear (buff gives +3 AoE Attack Ratio for 30 seconds (100% up time at Lv10))
    • ∞x1 Dragon Fall (literally hits everything within its range)
  • Retiarius
    • 8x2 Trident Finish
    • 8x2 Dagger Finish
    • 11x3 Blandir Cadena

While I don’t think this would be a very viable class for pretty much anything it has AoE in spades. Reti is chosen less for its AoE and more for its ability to pull mobs which will make up for poor hitboxes on Shield Skills.

EDIT: Any build can make up for lack of AoE with good gear.

  • +7 Drakonas Frieno Set
  • +4 Abyss Irredian Bracelet Set
  • +3 AoE Armor Enchant
  • +2 Nepagristas Necklace
  • +2 Mirti Bracelet Set
  • +2 Vubbe Fighter Gauntlets
  • +1 Solmiki Necklace
  • +1 Lolopanther Necklace
  • +1 Hair Accessory(3)
  • +0.2* Centaurus Card(3)

What about Wizard classes? I thought they would have the most AoE.
These gears are very expensive?


Very possible. Idk anything about Wizard so I didn’t try to give input on it.

Again though if AoE is your focus; look at what equipment can do for you because there is a possible 13 AoE attack from gear, and another 6 from cards. Some weapons give it as well which could boost that number a bit higher.


If looking for pure aoe range then onmyoji has the highest.

Could classify it as S+ tier aoe but B+ damage.

Onmyo struggles against bossing due to its low sfrs but offers extremely strong aoe potential.


What is " sfrs " exactly?


SFR = Skill Factor Rate.
The conversion number from your Attack (physical or magical) to the skill itself.

If you are looking for AOE on the Wizard tree, Onmyoji has the best range. Other options are Pyromancer (all DOTs, no burst, and small range), Psychokino (low SRFs, only DOTs, and small range) and Elementalist (cast time and small range).
DOT = Damage Over Time.


So basically SFR means damage right? I mean, higher SFR = higher damage right?

I didn’t knew that Ele was small range. I like DoT damage style, maybe taking Pyro is better than Ele. I was thinking in something like Pyro > Omnyo > Tao what do you think?


Ele doesnt have a small range, it uses spells with various ranges.

for example:
meteor is a wide radius aoe spell that is extremely damaging.
hail is a mid radius aoe spell that focuses on dropping ice shards to freeze enemies
electrocute is a special spell that can extend to a very wide radius if you have enough targets and have it leveled enough.
storm dust is a mid radius aoe spell that does continous damage to enemies within it.
stone curse is a short to mid radius spell that is for turning enemies into stone
fire claw is a special radius spell that only achieves full potency if you shotgun it ontop of enemies to make them take 8 hits at a short radius instead of 1 or 2 hits in a mid radius.

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Pyro - Ele - Onmyo for AOE, IMO


An Onmyoji enters a bar… “Who ordered Howling White Tiger?”

Most OP skill ever. Targets everything on screen and more. 15s cooldown. Multiple hits. High SFR. What’s better than HWT? HWT powered by level 100 attribute :haha:


watching from afar with retreat and marching fire as scout


Wizard: Onmyoji and Elementalist. Pyromancer also good.
Scout: Schwarzer Reiter.
Archer: Cannoner and Matross combined with Falcon.
Cleric: Inquisitor and DievMiko.
Swordsman: Doppelsoedner.