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Best CM builds for Wizards and Clerics pos-patch?

I was wondering what are the popular builds now for lazy clear cm5

Also how can we clear solo st6/7 now? I’ve tried with some builds I have done before and I am inflicting mediocre damage to st6 monsters.

For Wizard my CM char is my Bokor, because Bwa Kayiman makes you almost invulnerable since it is a permanent CC skill. Didn’t try stage 6 yet, at least solo, because if you fail you get nothing and just wasted your time.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but now that other classes’ damage got boosted, Effigy doesn’t seem to be as good as it is before? Previously I maxed Effigy for the single target damage but I’m thinking of maxing Bwa Kamiyan instead. Not sure if I should just leave it at 1 just for the CC or max it for more damage. Damballa knockback attribute is a really good addition though.

It’s just you :slight_smile:

Effigy works fine, but the new feature that removes Hexing on 3rd cast forces you to recast Hexing after your 3rd Effigy. It’s ok since Hexing has 10 second CD and Effigy 5, so you never have any downtime on them. In fact, if you want to remove points, it’s not on Effigy but on Hexing, since the extra duration is pointless now, you just need enough skill points to have a duration of 10 seconds to match the cooldown.

For Bwa Kayiman, you just need the CC, the damage is not really relevant. I would put more points into Zombify instead.

Yesterday I had time to do one CM with my Bokor-Warlock. Simply OP now. You can CC everything with Bwa Kayiman while obliterating them with your Warlock skills. Not only you spam Bwa Kayiman + Damballa with your zombies, but once everything is knocked down you go Invocation -> Dark Theurge -> Ghastly Trail -> Evil Sacrifice… and watch everything on screen get rekt. Invocation will start generating spirits randomly, Dark Theurge will generate five more spirits, Ghastly Trail will increase damage by 44% at level 1, and Evil Sacrifice will throw them for massive explosion damage. And while you do that, Invocation will have generated more spirits that you can explode again immediately since Evil Sacrifice doesn’t have a cooldown.

Bokor lost the 30% extra dark damage for some (useless?) crit rate boost, but I’m not sure if I really want to switch to FF now…

I was thinking if Hexing is still good for the magic defence debuff. Does higher level Zombify help much? I mean for me I use Zombies just to spam Damballa but to the strength of the zombies affect the damage at all? My Zombify is now at level 4.

Warlock is great now. The shorter cooldown on Masterma and PoA makes CM so much better. I feel Warlock is the most well balanced dark class with a good mix of damage and aoe.

For FF, I’m actually levelling a new character intending to go FF - Warlock - Necro, since I already have a Pure Summoner Build and a Shadow - Warlock - Bokor. Figured that I don’t think I want a 3rd Bokor char (even though I have 3 Taoist but Taoist just fits well with so many classes)

Overall I still feel in general much more comfortable with the Fire/Ice/Lightning element type classes for CM. Maybe it is because my Pyro - Ele - Tao main has more attribute but even for my Cryo - Ele - Tao sub I tend to clear 21f CM5 solo faster (like maybe 20sec faster I know it isn’t a very big difference but still) compared to my other sub wizards on Dark-Based builds. I’ve been trying various classes combinations at least for CM5 to see which class combinations are good and which combinations I tend to struggle more.

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