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Best class to solo CM and Raids

Hello, im using omnyoji>featherfoot>chrono but i want to know the best class tree to solo CM and to do Raids


I don’t know what’s necessarily the best, but you can solo 5 stages of CM pretty easily with Pyro-Ele-Tao. Lots of AOE and good dmg.

deleted coz im not readingggg sections

i was talking about wizz class, sry

oh yeah sorry as well didnt notice its in wiz sectiom :rofl:

Bokor-anything for CM. You’re untouchable with Bwa Kayiman and burst a ton of damage with Dambala. For raids, just bring what your party needs :slight_smile:

thank you, but is possible to solo CM 6 and 7?

I think I saw someone soloing CM7 with pyro>ele>cryo, but he was using drakonas frieno.

correction: it was stage 6, idk stage 6~7 are a lot harder now and I don’t see many people doing it or making videos.

Anything above 5 is dependent on gear.

Here’s doing Stage 5 with a Omnyogi>Featherfoot>Runecaster

I am really liking this build so far, can’t wait till they buff RC with more overheats and higher damage.