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Best class/path to start

So, i quitted the game around jan, but not only quit, i would call it a rage quit cause i deleted all my characters and the most of my items with them. Now, i want to return and play casual. Would you guys tell me which class is good to budget farm? It used to be thaum/link but i’ve read isn’t that effectuve anymore. Also any advice on how to level/progress/focus will be apprecieted. Thanks

Swordsman-highland-barb-doppel is a rather straightforward and simple build to start with.

For farming, linker-thauma is obvious. If you have good gear outlaw is a cool third choice because it’s got invincible skills and agress. Or just go linker-thaum-schwarzer for semi-farm semi-PvE.

Thanks for your reply, but wasn’t linker nerfed (or gonna be) and jp isn’t as effective as before? Or link thauma is still the better budget farmer?

Do classes that are able to solo challenge mode stage 5 with little investment, like diev, SR, peltasta, falc, Inquisitor, etc. After you farm enough for legendary equipment, accessories, cards and passives, switch your builds for bossing/pvp. I don’t see anyone using thauma/linker to farm anymore, maybe is useful in the next HG, but as you known, linker’s changes may suck.

Thank you very much. Can i ask u about a specific SR build? Last time i played it was still in the archer tree so i have no idea what would be a decent build now.

pardon my intrusion, may i ask why?

Go SR-Link-Thaum or SR-Enchanter-Link. Linker will be nerfed but that patch is still few months away from iToS. While Enchanter provides bonus damage for AA, which you’ll be spending a lot during questing/grinding.

Build is pretty straightforward, max Limacon, Retreat, and Marching. Some take 1 Concentrated and rest go to Evasion, or ditch Concentrated and max Evasion.
Linker Enchanter Thaum skill alocation also pretty straightforward.

Oh. This time it wasn’t a failed enhancement or something like. It is funny, around 2017 i did the same thing but by a miracle i got back my characters. Now it was just because i wasn’t having fun playing.

I was thinking about quitting before rebuild, but farming in my link thauma sage was kind of fine. Although, after rebuild, i find myself with nothing to do in-game. Just daily chores. I was really angry at the game, because i felt i wasted 2k hours of my time with nothing in return. So i wanted to get out and never come back. I regret nothing.

Why i’m coming back would you ask? Just nostalgia. There is no other game around that can give me that RO feeling. I guess I am an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. Thia time though i dont want to take the game seriously, just play casually.

After 2k hours and lost everything in game you came back? Holy smoke bro. That is how desperate the mmorpg players are. Give us lost ark and we can all get out the tos for good.

Also mmorpg is all about making friends and playing with others imo. Maybe joining an active guild would help you maintain your interest. A lot of time a good guild will have a goal for you to work toward in order to contribute.

Kinda but i thought about it as a good thing, i can enjoy the game again, playing slowly without any stress. Before i was taking this too seriously.

Want a build that requires 0 investment can be use in any content and did i say requieres 0 investment?
diev/miko/whatever (exo or whatever rlly)
you can cm if you go priest you can do party on unique raids and stuff
and you can solo cm starting from lvl 100 just plant the owls and let em do their thing

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Give sapper falco wugu a try. Since you coming back, you can get the free Masinios crossbow. Lv50 attribs should be ok. It is a true aoe, multi hit, dot build that is not a flashy-cool build but it gets the job done. YT should have a vid of it, and 2 threads here in forum (one is mine actually). But the build doesnt get that much attention so it ain’t updated

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That sounds cool. Miko still require that super tedious quest to be unlocked? Or secret classea doesnt exist anymore?

you can get vouchers literally for free with the events
i think coin event has some and popo event too so ya GL and happy hunting

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