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Best ark for Blossom blader

Hi, is the divine retribution ark the best for this build?

Is there any tip/strategy on how to get the most out of the wrath effect? Like, should o try to proc it with weak skills and then use my highest SFR skills? Or should i just keep spamming stuff?



Good question.

Definitely the best ARK for doppel-barb-bb (imo)

IMO, just smack them skills cause you have a little window to throw all your skills

Valor > Start up > WarCry > Cleave > Liberate > Sauk = give and take 6 seconds

Channeling set
Control blade > Zwek (for bleed if you don’t have archer) > Blossom Slash > Pouncing > Cyclone Spin2Win

Overload Set

Control blade > Zwer > Zucken + Redel > Blossom Slash > Zwer + Zucken (finish off with connecting skills)

Chance of activating Wrath of God Effect 30%, Wrath of God Attack Factor 70% at Level 3 - RNG is a big factor too so higher Ark level more leeway for us

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Thanks man for the answer. Since you brought up the new sets (channeling and overload), what do you recomend? all pieces for 1 set or a mixed setup?

And how about Zornhau, why isnt it valuable in the rotation, is it because of the 1 hit instead of 3 + bleeding from zwer?


because it almost always hit 10m cap most of the time instead of 3 times 7-10m from Zwer. Also if you are using channeling set or have diev/kabba in party your skill would finish CD before you can even touch zornhau.

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Another good one!

This is based on my experience using both Channel and Overload.

IMO, use the full set of your choice don’t mix it up with Overload (Swordmans only)

Switching Durandal + Gem everytime you use Gun Ho is painful. I’ve tried it for 2 weeks almost gave me carpal tunnel like legit :frowning:

Few pointers for channeling set

*Try to get Diev in your party for that CD reduction cause you want to spam Pouncing and Cyclone as much.
*Zwer and Zornhoau are both filler now or still filler
*Don’t cut yourself short some max the arts of Poucing + Cyclone
*If you have full buff don’t waste it on your Zucken + Redel
*Spam your Cleave + Sauk + Pouncing while waiting for Start up “Trust me they still go 8m per hit instead 10m

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Yeah im done with “active buffs” honestly. my fingers hurt everytime i have to combo every single skill.

I guess i will go with channeling and thats it. Sounds reasonable, if i can scale the damage from pouncing and cyclone multihits paired with my ark + buffs it will be insane. The damage cap already hurts skills like zwer and zorn due to low hit count.

It will take a while though, since the dahlia armors are pretty expensive to build compared to overload.

I’m investing in savinose dysnai now, so i can be able to do singularity 5 and get some better drops. Do you think ark 6 compared to 5 makes that big of a difference? not sure if i should invest in it now.


I was just talking to my mate about this iirc.

Lvl 5 to 6 roughly 5% power spike
Lvl 7 to 10 roughly 16% up to 20% power spike

If you want money for the buck (level 6 is the sweet spot)

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