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Best AA Farming Build?

What are the best farming builds at the moment? I don’t really like scout evolutions and I’d like to know if there are variant builds and/or classes to create with this purpose. Thx in advance for your help.

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What are the best farming builds at the moment?

You want a “best farming build” or a “best AA farming build”?

Then You may play the wrong game.

Pick your base class 1st then, so someone can give advice.

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There aren’t.
you want to farm as effectively as possible, SR is the way to go.
Obviously, you can make your own bad build up of any class that AAs and farm stuff since nothing is stopping you


Just AA is really difficult, I mean there’s reason why you have skills and different classes, the most close AA build would be something like Monk/Chaplain/??? maybe Inquisitor for 3rd class, other than that maybe some swordsman tree build, but going just AA would be almost a waste, which is the other point, going just AA is not good to farm to start with, the last option is picking something in the Scout tree like Enchanter/any Shooter class like BM, Sherif, Schwarzer Reiter and pick any 3rd like Linker while using froster lord cards to freeze and using Lightning Hands. Most farming build use AOE classes in order to deal good damage to multiple enemies and farm even faster, like mixing Falconer’s Aiming skill with other classes in the Archer Tree, or using Onmyoji’s Howling White Tiger in the Wizard Tree as main source of damage since is a AOE multihit skill, Onmyoji is a good AOE class

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SR/Enchanter/Linker is the best farming combo involving AA. Sorry you don’t like scouts but that is your best option.

SR / Enchanter / Thauma is the best for farming


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