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Best AA BM or SR?

Hey people!!

So which is the best AA of these two :



in episode 12, limacon SR to 500% sfr and lightning hand Enchanter to 380%. while double gun stance BM are not (only 113%). BM aa also make you slow a bit, while limacon still keep the movespeed. Dont forget that after u use limacon, u use sub-atk button ©, rather than main atk button (z)

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Uow!! Limacon will give 500% of basic attack!? Is that official?

itos ver (for now) :

ktos ver :

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AA BM was my favorite Build until IMC remade the class system and added scout tree. AA BM was good during the time it can use with Running shot from QS only. For now, BM is skill based class, not AA anymore. Using SR will be better if you love AA.


is it good to combine SR with BM? since they have AA skill set
example build SR - echanter - BM

No they don’t work together.