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Being able to Dye Clothing

So i was thinking i want to be able to dye my costume completely but i kinda would think it be a neat feature to be able to make Dyes using the bottles from the alchemist vendor and then just crafting special dyes to use on a new npc that lets you choose what colors you can switch the costume too like kinda like maybe, but its more a random thought than anything else, like being able to add more customization to your character like that be neat, so you take your costume you want to dye and then place it into a special vendor and then you throw the dye into like a layering system and then done i guess?

This was once a plan
I remember there was once an image where dyeing a costume will be a thing early game
I even remember the idea being refreshed in some tos magazine years ago
But you see as they are small team who dictated to focus on content that can fill the hole of endgame emptiness to keep veterans and loyalist busy and contents that can certainly bait the whales to throw more money they can’t focus on sophisticated contents anymore. At least they are so selective because they don’t have the resource to do it.