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Baubas Cave 24/7 bots

  • Server : na

  • Team Name :

  • Location : baubas cave

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : all day every day

  • Evidence come look for yourself

its unnacceptable that there are BOTS running 24/7 at baubas cave and its not just one, its 5 of them its a common thing every week its the exact same thing the same bots and its unlreasitic not 1 single GM bothers to log on and do something about it, we all know they’ll come back but it takes them 2~3 days to come back and we have those 2~3 days of clean channels for real players and you guys dont do A SINGLE THING about it, its ridiculous yall have to be the laziest GM crew in the world, getting paid? do your jobs

Hi @snappertrapper0,

Thank you for reporting, it would be better if you can provide a video as evidence of the reported players to to help us with our investigation.

im not providing proof, get off your chair and do your job, its not our job to care for YOUR servers, we are not getting paid to do that, you are


Video? Have you check Ep.11 maps? They’re infested with bot — teleporting. All SRs. I’ve been playing since CBT — SINCE 2015 — and this bot issues hasn’t been fixed ever.

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this is getting ridiculous now i cant event farm silver in baubas cave because of this botter teleporting every area what the hell are this GM doing, get off you chair and fix this, been seeing this botter 24/7 since i was a low level player to now server: sea and i already report in game and show evidence here but they diddnt DO ■■■■ ffs i give up

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Mods are completely incompetent in their jobs. It really is IMC’s fault overall. Remember that they won’t even claim they have bots. They call them “24-hour hardcore.”

IMC is killing their own game.
IMC is killing their own game.

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been 6 days and bots are still there good job gms working hard !