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Battlebird and Sorc

just a curious if vain question here, does the battlebird pet beat out sorcerer’s summon overwork sp cost drain?

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Just an info for those with knowledge about battlebirds ability who want to answer the question:

Summoning: Overwork

  • Increases the damage dealt by demons summoned through [Summoning] or [Morph] by 3% per attribute level, but reduces the demon’s HP by 3% every 10 seconds * Consumes the caster’s SP by [40 + (character level x 0.75)] every 10 seconds

so at level 420 it drains 710 SP every 20 seconds.

Base SP recovery for Wizard lvl 420 every 20 seconds is 278,
so Battlebird would have to at least cover 432 SP recovery per 20 seconds

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