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Basic understanding about Re:Build target system

Server: Silute
Team name: Alyu

With the recent Re:Build changes, some people still struggle with picking the right ally when healing or ressing. This guide is for those players.

The new Targeting system added with the Re:Build is quite simple, once you use a skill that uses the system, you will receive a wheel to pick a target. You can click on one of the wheel directions and release it to pick an ally, press the used skill button to target yourself or the jump buttom to cancel and not use the skill. So far, so simple, right?

  • The biggest struggle is identifying the correct ally. Knowing the order of the wheel might help.

The top ally(up butom) is always the first ally on your party windown order and the rest follow this order in counterclockwise. The second ally will be at left, third at bottom and forth at the right side.


This order is always right except when an ally is not logged in. The wheel, since the Patch day 10/29/2019, shows all logged allies while allies out of the map or range are shown in black.

  • So, what about the range?

With the epsode 11, all skills that use the Target system have a limit range. In case you use those skills outside its range, your target will be blacked out while those in range will have their class emblem shown. Their range are:
Heal: 310 units

Healing Factor, Cure and Ein Sof: 170 units
Please, ignore the heal range in the video below. Its range was increase at 08/20/2019 patch. Link of the patch:

Rune of Giant and Ressurection: 200 units

  • I want to cast my heal/buff on someone outside my party, how do I do it?

You can’t. After Re:Build, skills using the target system can’t be used players outside your party.

  • I can’t use my skill on myself!
    Some joystick users may have this problem. If you put your skill and use it with the jump button, you won’t be able to cast it on yourself. The buttom to use your skill is the same to cancel and the game cancel it instead of using. Try to change its position.
  • I can’t pick an ally with the wheel.

Some people reported that they can’t choose an ally because of the bidding keys. Simple edit them under the combat tab at the key bindings.

  • I can’t target allies with Disinter and Chant.
    You’re not supposed to. Disinter picks a skeleton to sacrifice and buff your summons while Chant allows you to pick which Chant mode you want.



Thanks Nath for the picture

  • Is there a way to skip the wheel while using heal?
    With 03/31/2020 patch, we can skip the wheel with a new atribute, but Heal becames a self target spell while the atribute is on. You can freely turn it off/on while the skill is not on cooldown so it can be easily manipulated for self heal spamming to tank or stack overload. Also, in 07/28/2020, we received a new heal atribute which focus the ally with less % of their Max HP also skipping the Wheel, but it reduces the healing done by half(If you are using Austeja Goddess Armor Set, this reduction is removed).

New Atribute: and


Just a quick note for your guide, if people have changed the key bindings for movement like myself, there’s new keys input under the combat tab that you have to set to the same movement keys that you have changed to for the target wheel to work properly.

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I didn’t know that part, I’ll edit them in soon. Logging at the game right now to get the pictures and video for the guide. Thanks.

Therefor the new targeting system is not about aligning yourself with your allies that you intend to heal, rather it is pressing the right corresponding target key in the party?

First member - Up
Second member - Left
Third member - Down
Fourth member - Right

How about healing guild members which is more than 5 people in a raid. How to select your target.

Please correct me if I misunderstood your guide. All this time I thought we need to be in the right position to heal, like healing your ally above you, press up. Haha this helps a lot. I gotta try it out.

You can’t heal allies outside your party with heal or buff them with skills that use this system. To heal allies outside your party, you must use Mass Heal.

With Boruta coming up, we will be able to use some party only skills on guildmates. I’m not 100% sure if that affects all skills since I don’t have a KTest account to test it but it seems skills like Tree of Sephiroth and Indulgencia will work on guildmates in the raid.

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@Enkii I tested here and had no trouble with my changed keys. The new up key triggered my skills and I had to configure nothing else.

Strange, for me personally I had to, the new keys were set to [none] and I use the numpad keys to move (I’ve bound to 1235). Before, when I used my settings, the wheel would just select a target and not heal. I figured I could still use arrow keys to make it work until someone told me about the new key binding and that made it work when I changed to the same as with my settings.

Also, have you tested with someone in the party?

I just tried it. And it works. This guide is very helpful. Hope you win!

Added info about Allies returning to the map, BMs using Bloody Overdriver and different channel targets.

  1. Click on Heal skill
  2. Wheel appears
  3. Click on party member
  4. ?

Sorry, but since re:build got released, I’ve never been able to heal anyone with my cleric. Never. There must be an extra step to be done somewhere, because the wheel simply doesn’t work. You can select up/down/left/right but the wheel stays on and you’re stuck unless you press Heal again which targets yourself instead of your party members. Does this only work with controller? Do you have to remap keyboard keys? I’d like to know because currently I feel pretty useless when I play my cleric…

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Some people reported that they had to remap the keyboard keys. Check your keyboard commands and see if there is 2 up,left and so on keys. As said above, I had no problem since the keys were bidded correct for me without editing it but some others weren’t for some reason. Also, you must release your key not just hold it. Had a few cases that people were holding the key and clicking the button too.

I’ll add this information too now.

I’ll check that tonight. I’m using the numpad keys (8/2/4/6) which trigger the selection on the wheel but not the actual skill effect. The arrow keys (up/down/left/right) don’t work at all. Maybe they’re not mapped properly.

Worst thing about new target system is lag making you hit yourself instead of someone else :expressionless:

It’s annoying to explain to someone they have to wait CD cause instead of using the skill on them I wasted it :pensive:

As said at the Patch Notes, All Target skills will have limit range. I edited to add those changes and once I’m able to record, I’ll post a video showing them. Monday, I’ll have to remove a teeth and may need to rest so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post a video with the range update at the next day but it will be done once I’m able to.

Patch Notes of EP 11:

Edit: Updated with videos showing the new range.

Updated the guide with the new black icon and heal range.

Small update with patch 10/29/2019 changes.

Minor update with EP 12 adding Disinter and Chant to the list.

Minor update with new heal atribute.

Link of the atribute:

Minor update. Removed old Fanaticism interraction with the whell.

Minor uptade to removed outdated information.