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Base class reset scroll

Similar to what we got before during the rebuild, a consumable item (TP) that would allow us to change our character’s base class (swordie, archer, wiz, cle, scout) would be great if it’s made available.

  • We know it’s possible (we had it during rebuild)
  • As a TP item, it should generate revenue for the game
  • It would let players reclass one of their alts instead of having to delete and create them from scratch

I want to have that but IDK if its a good idea

they made that item for rebuild because of major class adjustment, I mean is class tree

I want it but I say NO to this idea

It would be awesome … More chances to screw all my characters at once lol

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as much as i like the idea its too good to be true
beside its so damn easy to level to 400
we even gonna get a ticket to 400 today
the other day i delete 3 of my non cleric classes cause i only want to play clerics so i create 3 new clerics
im not powerlevel them in a day and i enjoy the process of leveling them each day simply by little grind, dungeon, cms.especially cms in old maps which help me a lot collecting gems and collection
for example it might took you 1 hour less to grind in dp2 to get from 130ish to 180ish.while all i did is letting them cm at old map to grab myself some skill gems and rare like 2-3 days they reach 190ish.
its a pain if your mindset is powerlevel it but if you value the process its more enjoyable rather than leveling from 440-450

And after you screw them up, you can buy more TP, and repeat the glorious cycle <3

@Teokbokki - Gotcha; however, not all players have the same mindset w/ approaching the game. Though it’s easier now to hit lv400 from lv1, you won’t be able to carry over any achievements/titles your old character had. I get that you’re also banking on the replay value and rewards you get along the way, but to some - deleting their characters is out of the table. A TP product comparable to your scenario would be a character slot. This is a proposal for another TP product to address a different need.